Newsybytes (NB) to have breezy interviews, wrap-ups on startups, apps-games, high-end R&D initiatives and business and economy trends!Inspiring posts on individuals, who may or may not be celebrated by the world at large, yet, but their life story-entrepreneurial strides have a motivational edge to establish a connect with the readers at large. Initiatives and work that may or may not have hit the million dollar-luck but is by all means worthy of being shared. Tech innovation research that is a salute to our scientists and cheer for a thousand lives!Newsybytes is an attempt to have many from our network and everyday life given an opportunity to share their insights and perspectives. NB is all about inspiring and engaging our readers with informative news, trends, wrap-ups, updates and interviews catering across all age groups, especially 15-45 and be of interests to both working and non-working individuals.
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