club dmd

ANANT GROUP & VEDIC GROUP provides a wide range of services to a varied range of clients ensuring satisfaction and a long-term association. Ever since its inception, Anant Group has never looked back and attained the excellence with its continuous process of improvisation and meticulous R & D. We have dedicated workforce thriving for excellence in every subsequent. With the very advent of globalization, new generation practice a concept of work hard and partying harder. With ever increasing stress at work, people often resort to a place with flamboyance with good music, delicacies. Often seeking a nice quality for which they have worked hard to earn it, to give them what they rightly deserved, CLUB DMD has introduced a club with an enchanting ambiance and with mouth-watering delicacies and cuisines, exotic beverages, a wine handpicked from the finest wineries around the globe. Music Would be another aspect as regular visits are done by reputed Dj's from both national and internationally renowned bands for in-house performance, live video performances of the greatest artist worldwide. Also providing happy hours to our esteemed customers.