marble polishing dubai

STARGATE Floor Care As a STARAGTE BUILDING SOLUTION MARBLE FLOOR care team We do clean up spills immediately to minimize damage to your stone, we are using world best professional marble polishing technology to protect your marble floor. Marble Floor, wall and Table polishing is the process of cleaning the surface of the marble to remove light soiling. we can see In many cases, the marble tiles are not the problem, the dirty grout line is the problem . Dirty grout lines will make the elegance marble floor and wall look dirty . The polishing process uses gentle cleaning pads , brushes and marble cleaners. all standard cleaning and polishing chemicals that will damage marble tile, especially polished marble that way we are using professional marble polishing technique to protect your floor or wall while we are cleaning the marble. Cleaning will not remove scratches and damage in MARBLE floor, not will it restore the polish of surface. It will remove ingrained dirt and it is a very effective in removing black dirt from grout, honed and tumbled marble tiles. Here,
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