Solar BTC ltd.

SolarBTC is a mining company having their mining rigs set in china. company Strongly believes in reducing expenses to earn higher profits. we have invested heavily in solar plants in sunny are of china. we use energy generated from our solar plants to reduce the electricity expenses. we have been in solar energy since 2005 . we are a large producer and supplier of energy. our motto is to secure secure maximum profit to our users, keeping risk factor at minimal .now, we are penetrating our efforts into crypto currency mining. solarBTC is our first mining company having rig setup in we famed in 2014. it took as a year to become fully operational now we would like to expand our operations with the like minded and invested people.mining is a really a very challenging work and needs 24 hours monitoring and technical experts. sow encouraging people who do not want to mine by themselves and do not have time to mining. can invest with us . we will host their equipment and looks after ours this way we both works for mutual benefits. so join us and start earning profit from your miner without any hassles.