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Automation testing a horizon for aspirant’s who is keen to knock the avenues Software development companies have always been on their edge when it comes to the software testing before it gets confirmed that it is deemed fit to the end user. One should also understand that the cost and efforts that gets into the software testing are quite high, but it would be enormously higher when the software fails to meet up the expectations of the user. The Automation testing process becomes quite imperative for the software companies to invest upon as the testing process cannot be taken lightly as it would lead to heavy financial losses to the software company in the event of a software failure. A failed software product could bring the bad reputation to the company and the customer trust in the long run. Phases of software testing The software testing is just not a practice that is being carried out at the end of the software development or before the release of software to the marketplace. Instead, the software testing is performed at every step during the software development life cycle (SDLC). This could mean that, when a software developer comes out with a little or minute change in the software code or when there is a slight modification of a software on par with the hardware configuration the testing process is put in place to check the redundancy of the software; hence making it a continued process. Manual testing over the automated testing process The testing process brings about two distinct methods of testing, the manual and the automated testing process. The manual testing (MT) is the oldest type of software testing and is performed by a person who requires quite lots of patience, innovative skill, an open minded approach and at the same time skillful. Software testing as a domain that promises stupendous growth curve to young aspirants The young and dynamic aspirants, who are quite keen in tasting the high tides in software testing, would surely need to inculcate the following vital influencers. • Testing Agility: In fact many software companies are transitioning themselves from a primitive testing pattern to agile developments and in this particular paradigm; the agile testing has given rise to dynamism in the testing standards. • Test Automation: Manual testing was reliable in the good old times but as the dynamics of software has taken its own shape, the manual testing had to take a back door. With the emergence of automated testing in place, the young aspirants could dynamically put the automated testing to test even the tiniest and the complicated software on testing methods. • Testing tools: Automation testing has become the enhanced tool which eventually supports the testing processes with an inclusion to the test design, specification and managing test scripts to mention a few here. Mind Q Systems has been quite instrumental in bringing in the best testing training to the young aspirants who are quite anxious to make testing as their career option in the ever growing software industry. In fact, the institute has opened doors for these aspirants and has got quite a few success stories which have remained as a testimony for the most quality driven training.