M.K.Associates Kherani Road Saki Naka - air blower

MK Associates high efficiency fans are designed for rugged industrial applications. Fans are designed for smooth performance over the entire operating range. There is lot of power saving as fans operate at a very high efficiency. Efficiencies range between 78% to 84% depending upon the application and operating point. Design of impellers is such as to take high dust loading without affecting the performance of fan. Fans are designed for streamlined flow of air. There is a wide range for selection of fans for all type of industries. Selection is available in Flat Curved, Medium Curved or Steep Curved designs for individual applications. The range is very wide from 0.10 HP to 100 HP and from 200 M 3 /Hr to 50,000 M 3 /Hr. Fans are tested as per the latest IS & BS specifications for capacity, pressure and power consumption measurements. Noise & vibration levels are checked as per ISO 1940 & VDI 2060/2056. Impellers are balanced statically & dynamically as per ISO 1940 grade 6.3.
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