The emergence of online casinos has given gamblers new opportunities. Now you can gamble without leaving your home. This, in turn, creates a choice problem. After all, there are so many services offered by virtual casinos, and they are all of different quality. How to analyze many offers and choose the best one? Not only beginner gamblers, but also gamblers are often puzzled by this question. To help them, our Slotsport Information Platform was created in 2017. The Slotsport project brings together experts in the gambling and gambling industry from around the world. We inform users of our web platform about the services offered by the modern gambling industry. Our database contains 280 reviews of popular online casinos. There is information about about a thousand bonuses, as well as withdrawal and deposit methods and license details. In addition, Slotsport has a collection of 5,300 free demo slots, including the latest ones.